Partner Highlight

Mending Walls

September 01, 2023

Art says things that words just can’t.

The groundbreaking public art project Mending Walls RVA aims to establish empathy and connection through art. It was created by Hamilton Glass in response to the community unrest following the death of George Floyd in Spring 2020. Inspired by an eye-opening conversation he had with his friend and frequent artistic collaborator Matt Lively, the project paired together 30 artists from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and perspectives to have conversations about their lived experiences.

Together, they created beautiful, thought-provoking murals across the city of Richmond in the hope that their art would ultimately spark deeper conversations within their community and promote healing. What started as a public art initiative, became a podcast, the subject of an Emmy-winning PBS documentary, and an expansive coffee table book.

For more information please visit Mending Walls RVA.

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