Earn your Entry Fee Back

Have your friends & family sign up for RUN RICHMOND 16.19 and earn your entry fee back in three simple steps.

  1. Share the unique referral link found in your confirmation email.
  2. Once your first 3 friends sign up, we’ll transfer a cash reward back to.
  3. Continue to share your link until you gained back your full entry fee.


Referral Rewards for the 6.19K Run:

  • 3x Referrals: Earn $12 back
  • 5x Referrals: Earn $20 back (+$8)
  • 10x Referrals: Earn $40 back (+$20)


Referral Rewards for the 16.19K Run:

  • 3x Referrals: Earn $24 back
  • 5x Referrals: Earn $40 back (+$16)
  • 10x Referrals: Earn up to $80 back (+$40)


Note: You cannot earn back more than your own registration fee. Thanks for helping us spread the word.


Can’t find the sharing link?

Please take a look at this article from Run Signup, our registration provider.